About Us

Our Story
Sweeter Than Roses was established out of love for strawberries and flowers. Our company is based in Manchester, England, United Kingdom. The company's vision is to spread joy and love to homes luxuriously and sustainably through our range of chocolate covered strawberries, macarons, and flowers. Our products are hand made with fresh ingredients and are sure to spread love to homes. Today, Sweeter Than Roses has been operation for more than a year, and it features a different array of bouquets with an additional vegan option. Our vision for the future is to spread across United Kingdom and be identified as a sustainable brand that accentuates perfection and love by creating fair and diverse products with our innovative spirit.

Our Quality

“Our goal as a company is to spread love and offer you with the healthiest delicacies around.”
Sweeter Than Roses uses the highest quality chocolate, and our strawberries are freshly picked to ensure a top-quality treat to our customers. The company ensures that all our suppliers have high standards. We achieve this through close contact, and regular visits to their workplaces. All our chocolate dipped strawberries and macarons are refrigerated after production to discourage strawberry condensation.